Automate Your Twitter Marketing With This.

There are not a few quality Twitter management software but one
stands out personally for me: Twitter Adder. It is a stand-alone
software that is compatible with Windows and Mac. What truly
impresses me is its search capabilities. You can search keywords:

1)      In tweets
2)      In profile bios
3)      According to geographical location

You can even search who follows a user and who this user follows.

Check out this screenshot

This is a list of results generated from "Profile Data Search". All
the details you can see on screen can give you a better understanding
of who's who in your niche. Click "Check All" and "Follow" to let
the software do the job of following them, or you can selectively
single them out for direct contact to serve your purpose.

Apart from being able to send and schedule tweets (not by exact
time of day but by minutes as interval), you can also mass-send
direct messages to your followers. To my knowledge, not many
Twitter services can perform this function and this is invaluable
because your tweets can get missed in a few seconds in their
ever-flowing tweet stream. It is known that Twitter limits DMs to
250 sendouts per day. Twitter Adder's support staff has told me the
program can remember who has already received messages, who I've
already followed, who I've unfollowed, etc. and will not send out
duplicates whatsoever.

This could be the most advanced tweeting software I've ever seen.
Other things you can do include:

* Manage multiple profiles and assign automated tasks to each. Let
the software handle the rest!

* Auto-follow according to settings for keywords (in bio and
tweets), location, language, following-follower ratio and maximum
number of follows per day.

* Create a VIP SAFELIST of twitterers that you don't unfollow

* Auto-unfollow users who do not follow back after a predetermined
time frame.

* Keeps track of people you have unfollowed so that you do not
re-follow them.

* Choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets,
and direct messages.

* Automate tweets and direct messages.

* Promote songs using a built-in Music Promotion Tool (good for

* Searches daily and weekly Twitter trends and hot topics.

* View your Twitter stats.

For such a sophisticated software, there's no monthly or
re-occurring fees and you get a lifetime license for its usage and
unlimited software updates and support. Download a demo and try itout to see how powerful Twitter Adder

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